What You Need To Know About The New Class Registration System
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What You Need To Know About The New Class Registration System

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Did you know that class registration will be a little bit different for Fall 2014? SF State is in the process of upgrading their student information systems, which means that the Fall 2014 class schedule and registration system have been moved to new location. Along with changes to the schedule and system, registration phases will work a little differently for Fall.

To help with the transition we’ve compiled a guide to helping you get through registration with the upgraded system. Read about the changes before your registration appointment to make sure that everything is in order.

More information about Campus Management Solutions is available on the San Francisco State University website here: http://cms.sfsu.edu/students.
Additionally, walk-in hours for the help desk assistant are M-Th from 9:30am – 11:30am and 1:30pm – 4:00pm in SSB 404.


Finding Your Registration Appointment Time:

The MySFSU portal link to ‘registration time’ will no longer show you when you can register for Fall 2014 classes. To view your registration appointment for Fall 2014 time you must visit the new Fall 2014 Student Center. The new Student Center portal is your one-stop shop to view and manage your academic, financial and personal information.

To access the new Student Center click the link at the top of your MySFSU homepage, shown here.

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Once you have arrived at your Student Center homepage, on the right hand side of the homepage, there is a box titled ‘Enrollment Dates’.  Your registration appointment is in the last line in the box.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.19.44 PMYour Fall 2014 priority registration appointment displays differently than it did in the former system. Your appointment start time is determined individually, but all appointments will end when priority registration is over. Meaning you will be able to add courses and make changes to your schedule 24 hours a day during your registration appointment.


Finding Classes:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 3.43.11 PMThe schedule for Fall 2014 is hosted on the new Campus Solutions system and can be accessed through your Student Center home page by clicking “Search for Classes” in the upper right hand of the page.

Viewing and searching classes is very similar to the old system, however make sure to select the session you are looking to find classes for under the Session drop down menu. For Fall 2014 most undergraduate students will be selecting Regular Academic Session.

Priority and Open Registration

There is only one priority registration period with Campus Solutions, meaning you can sign up for more units during the first round of registration than previous semesters. The second round of registration will be open to all continuing students on July 24 with no priority appointments for the period.

  • Priority registration :May 5th – May 20th

    During priority registration, most undergraduate students will be able to register for 12 units and wait list for 5 units. Most post-baccalaureates can register for 9 units and wait list for 4 units.

  • Open registration: July 24 – August 10 

    During this time all students can register for up to 16 units and wait list up to 5 (Post-BA student can wait list 4). There are no priority appointments for open registration.

Payment for classes registered for during priority registration is due by July 8th at 4 pm.   Payment for classes registered for during open registration is due by August 18th at 4 pm. For more information visit the Bursars Office website. http://www.sfsu.edu/~bursar/fall2014/fees/dates.html 


The introduction of Campus Solutions will simplify many things beyond class registration on campus, including management of financial aid and personal information. The system is being rolled out to the school in phases and you can expect to see more changes come Fall 2014. However if you have questions or are having difficulties with the new registration system make sure to check out the Campus Management Solutions FAQ page and stop by one of their Help Desk training sessions.

Campus Solutions Frequently Asked Questions: http://cms.sfsu.edu/student-faq

Training Information: http://cms.sfsu.edu/student-training

Please visit cms.sfsu.edu for additional information about the Campus Solutions system conversion.

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