Life at SF State


CockTales: ReClaiming Love

Date: Thursday April 18th | Time: 7:00 p.m. | Location: McKenna Theater

CockTales first debuted in 2009 as an indirect intervention to address sexual violence and violence prevention.

Using storytelling, poetry, music, and dance, this production challenges traditional hegemonic notions of manhood by highlighting the raw nature of the human spirit by exposing the variations of masculinity.

Its really about creating a safe space for men to share their story and have it be heard in a culture which has taught them to reject their emotions.

Each year we have a theme for CockTales, and this years theme is Reclaiming Love. Love comes in many forms and is regarded as the truest of emotions. It exists in every part of life and we experience it daily.

We believe men have something to say about love even if they are told to repress those feelings. That’s why this year we have decided to hear what men have to say about Love. Whether it be intimate relationships, self-love, love for friends and family, or sexuality we want to hear about love!