Life at SF State


Spotlight on Stacy Huynh

Today we have an amazing story from Stacy Huynh, the former president and captain of “Cheer at SF State.” Stacy Huynh is 4th year economic major here at SF State and currently the Sport Clubs Manager for the Campus Recreation Department. Here is the incredibly motivating and inspiring insights about her life at SF State:

“I was a part of Cheer at San Francisco State for 3 years and served as the President and Captain for the last two years. My first year, I joined not knowing anything about the program, and quite frankly, I didn’t really care. I just wanted to show-off my skills. That year, my head coach and captain quit the team. People were getting kicked off and others were quitting. We went from a team of 20 to a team of 5. It was disastrous and I kept telling myself … Read More »

Don Allen Stevenson

Allen has been a residential assistant for the past three years and he absolutely loves it as he states, “Watching residents grow overtime is an experience that is very enlightening and very meaningful to me. As an RA, I get to witness and be part of this growth.”

Although Allen is very involved with school activities, outside of school he focuses on his freelance work with He works on creative media projects whether it be a videography, directing a music video, conducting a photo shoot or designing graphic. Make sure to check out his amazing projects. His work is high definition, on trend and tells a story.

“As a kid I always had a passion for art. My dad had a passion for computers and as a child growing up I had access to a computer with some painting software. On … Read More »

Kirsten Inuman Liaz

Hello Gators! Today’s Spotlight is all about Kirsten Inuman Liaz! Kirsten is a senior studying Physiology and will be graduating in Spring 2015!

Kirsten is one of the board members for the organization Medicine, Education, Diversity, for Low Income Families Everywhere (MEDLIFE). She participates in basic science and clinical research outside of school but at SFSU she works in Dr. Vredenburg’s Amphibian Biodiversity and Conservation Laboratory.

We are thrilled to share an inspiring story of her accomplishments through perseverance, adversities and her passion of commitment to serving the community.

“As a first generation, Filipina, and lesbian immigrant I witnessed my father struggle with cultural and language barriers to obtain medical care for depression and schizophrenia. I matriculated into San Francisco State University in Fall 2009 to study Physiology with a drive to gain an understanding of … Read More »

Carmila Javier

This spotlight is one of the reasons why SFSU is so diverse and filled with students from all walks of life. Here is Carmila Javier. She is a 4th Biology (Physiology) major who is expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2016.

“After undergrad, I hope to pursue Dental School. Outside of school, I love watching new movies and spending time with my family. I also like going to the gym and lifting weights—it has a great therapeutic effect on me. Some challenges that I face are not out of the ordinary—I struggle to keep a balance in my life between studying, working, socializing, exercising, and most importantly allowing myself to relax. But despite having all of these challenges, I always know that my support system will never fail me. I am blessed to be in college–pursuing a degree to become … Read More »


SF State Student Health Center

The SF State Student Health Center provides basic low-cost primary health care for students at SF State, promotes health awareness and offers health education through a team of talented doctors, nurses and student volunteers.

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center, located in the Cesar Chavez Student Center, is a warm and uplifting space for all women and their allies to gather for support, leisure and educational workshops.

Bicycle Theft on Campus – University Police Bulletin

There has been a recent trend of bicycle thefts occurring around campus, specifically at Bike Racks at various academic buildings as well as in the housing area. This information bulletin is a reminder to keep your bicycle safe.

SLAB is hiring! Apply by Friday April 25

SLAB is hiring! The Student Life Activities Board (SLAB) is looking to fill 6 committee chair positions for the Fall. No job experience is needed to apply; students just need a strong motivation to help create their student life experience.
Want to see more concerts or awesome events? Run for SLAB. Want to decide what bands come to campus? Run for SLAB.
This is your chance to help make the campus great! These are student leadership positions designed to give students a voice on their campus.
SLAB was created a few short years ago to give students a chance to decide what events to host on campus. Before this staff and faculty determined what campus life was like.
The first SLAB events drew a different kind of crowd. These newcomers didn’t simply live on campus and have nothing else to do; they were … Read More »

SF State ASI Legal Resource Center

The SF State ASI Legal Resource Center provides free, friendly and confidential legal guidance for SF State students.
Got a traffic ticket? Been in a car accident? Gotten evicted?
As a student, the stress of complicated legal issues can impact not only your studies but also your mental well being. Luckily for SF State students, free, friendly and confidential legal guidance can be found just inside the Cesar Chavez Student Center.
The SF State ASI Legal Resource Center, located at M133A inside the student center and above the bookstore, is a great resource for students faced with legal problems. The center is funded by ASI fees and so is free for students to use.
Complicated legal issues can be intimidating, but the superstar student volunteers … Read More »

SF State Black Student Union

The SF State Black Student Union is dedicated to unifying, uplifting and empowering black people on and off campus through cultural, political, social and informational events.
SF State’s Black Student Union, the first BSU in the country, led the famous student strike of 1968 where student protestors demanding equal access to higher education clashed with police for five months.
The strike, the longest in U.S. history, resulted in the creation of the nation’s first Ethnic Studies department and helped define SF State’s core values of diversity and equality.
Today, the SF State BSU aims to educate and empower black leaders to continue the struggle for equality by reaching out to the community.
Club members are active volunteers, engaged with their community and involved in programs like 100% College Prep, which works with low income youth to help prepare them for college.
This slideshow … Read More »